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Google Now this is something that I find really interesting. We all know and love Google Chrome/Chromium (and if you don't, you're demonstrably wrong), but Google recently made a change in the developer version that ruffled some feathers: the URL field will no longer show the "http://". This made a lot of people very upset.
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Why just "http"?
by OSNevvs on Sun 18th Apr 2010 18:46 UTC
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I would also go as far as removing the subdomain (www) and the domain name extension. There shouldn't be any domain name extension in the first place. Instead of, rename to google; instead of, use wwf, etc...When you register a domain name, you just choose a name, there shouldn't be a choice of extensions. Also, use only dots or slashes to separate elements, ie: google/forum for a forum on Google's web site, google/rss to download Google's RSS.

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