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OS/2 and eComStation Now this is one for the rumour pile. Yes, a rumour about a long-gone (mostly) operating system that lots of people have fond memories of. Barbara Darrow, Senior News Director at, claims that IBM is mulling over a reintroduction of OS/2. Wait, what?
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Presentation Manager == BUGGY!
by Gryzor on Tue 20th Apr 2010 23:56 UTC
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Having worked for 3 years as level 1, 2 and three for OS/2 @ IBM back then, please don’t. ;)

It was nice. it was ahead of Win3.11 and win95 was a DOS with a GUI, but still, OS/2 had a lot of annoyances.

I still remember running a BBS on one tho’. Also Lan Manager was nice. But right now it has no room in modern computing.

I still remember running Netscape Communicator… (and also remember that 2.11, 3.0 warp and 4.0 merlin used to HANG the PM and continue working on background, forcing a hard reset). Telnet FTW!

I brought a lot of shareware for OS/2 back then! It was nice. But no.

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