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OS/2 and eComStation Now this is one for the rumour pile. Yes, a rumour about a long-gone (mostly) operating system that lots of people have fond memories of. Barbara Darrow, Senior News Director at, claims that IBM is mulling over a reintroduction of OS/2. Wait, what?
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RE: Thanks
by darknexus on Wed 21st Apr 2010 12:14 UTC in reply to "Thanks"
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There's one topic, however, nobody of the commentators mentioned. Apparently because nobody of them uses eComStation on a daily base.
Although I'm cruising the net now for more than 15 years, > 12 h/day I never cared for malware. Because there's no need to. And everytime a relative or a client calls my helpdesk to ask how to get rid of the newest worm or virus I'm glad he doesn't see me smile.

I suspect the reason no one mentioned that is that it's practically a given when you run any os that's outside of the mainstream.

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