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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y Recently, Apple changed its iPhone OS developer agreement to prohibit the use of programming language other than Objective-C, C, C++, and JavaScript running in WebKit. This has the effect of pretty much pre-emptively killing Adobe's CS5 iPhone developer tools, as well as several other, similar tools. Adobe has now said it will cease development of the iPhone development tools. To make matters really interesting, Apple has actually replied directly to this news.
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From what Chambers says in his blog post, it seems that Apple is going to be selective in what non-Objective-C code it lets in.

Flash compiled is a no go. That's definite.

Monotouch or Unity3D? Maybe Apple will let them slide. I don't really know. But it does show how arbitrary this whole thing is. Apple's arrogance is overwhelming.

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*Sarcasm mode*
So Apple's profet The Mighty Steveness has in his infinite mercy graciously(1) allowed MonoTouch and Unity3D entry to the hallowed halls of The Holy iPhone... for now.
*End Sarcasm mode*

Well excuse me for not going out and immediately dumping 400$ on a MonoTouch license. Apple and His Steveness are fickle masters and they might say one thing today and the complete opposite tomorrow.

I think there are quite a few people thinking along the same lines out there. I don't see MonoTouch picking up any (sane) new developers in the coming months due to the cloud of FUD that's now surrounding the product. Even if Apple does nothing, which is the most likely IMO. Apple tends to have a mushroom management(2) approach to informing people outside the company about stuff.

(1): If you are reading this aloud, remember to roll the r, and try to ham it up a bit ;-)
(2): "keep 'em in the dark and feed 'em s%!t"---mostly keeping people in the dark

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I don't see MonoTouch picking up any (sane) new developers in the coming months due to the cloud of FUD that's now surrounding the product.

Miguel should just focus on MonoDroid and forget about Apple. They're purposely not responding to him to discourage the use of MonoTouch. They want it to sit in a cloud of $400 FUD so developers go with Apple's sdk instead.

This is really lame given how few apps are probably written with MonoTouch. It isn't as if Apple has a shortage of Mac-only iphone developers. Apple is not going to gain converts by doing this.

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