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Linux The tools used to boot Linux are changing. Specifically, the Grand Unified Bootloader is now officially in maintenance mode only, and GRUB's developers have abandoned the original GRUB in favor of an entirely rewritten package, known as GRUB 2. Discover GRUB 2's new capabilities and how to use it.
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First it was xinetd. Then Apache 2.x. Then a bunch of other software followed suit. Now Grub2. ProFTPd took it to the extreme (1 option per file, filename is the option name, contents are the option values).

Personally, that way is my favorite way. I have never used ProFTPd, but that is similar to Linux's procfs or sysfs. I think it makes it extremely easy to manage with scripts, ex:

echo 42 > options/some_option

All of the programs I have written work this way. I then wrote a small GUI program that displays the options and lets you edit them, sort of like GConf. I think it is actually very easy to use. It also makes the programming a lot easier (no parsers needed).

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It might makes things easy to automate ... but it makes it a royal pain in the arse to deal with manually. And when you're working on multiple servers across multiple network links, it becomes even more of a royal pain in the arse. And when things go wrong ... it's even worse.

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