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Hardware, Embedded Systems So, we have Microsoft slowly but surely trying to be a better citizen in the computing world - with the emphasis on trying. After years of dragging their feet, the company is finally implementing web standards in Internet Explorer, there's a boatload of interoperability information now, that sort of stuff. And then, just when you think they're starting to get it - they go behind our backs to do something incredibly insipid. It's small, you'll barely notice it, but dear lord, it's really, really annoying.
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RE: Who cares
by tuma324 on Sat 24th Apr 2010 08:29 UTC in reply to "Who cares"
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Who cares about a keyboard shortcut being mapped to do any function.

I don't think its Microsoft's fault at all. I think you whine too much.
All hardware vendors change key mappings all the times. Heck even software vendors change them more frequently. Just because some companies are following Microsoft suit that doesn't mean "they suck". No body forced you or the vendor to use/implement this. There are so many laptop vendors just find another one.

I agree, Linux fanboys are always trying to look at excuses to bash Microsoft.

Maybe it makes them feel better or superior, the truth is that Microsoft doesn't have a monopoly, they have a market share. And they won it by giving people what they want.

Linux fanboys also like to say how evil Microsoft is by making vendor lock-in APIs such as DirectX, but nobody says anything when Linux come up with vendor lock-in APIs such as ALSA which is Linux only.

These fanboys are full of hypocrisy.

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