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FreeBSD Today Jeff Roberson committed his patches to FreeBSD 9 for adding journaling to UFS. No more background fsck after unclean shutdowns! This is a major landmark in the history of UFS, with 11000 new lines of code (and about 2000 removed). Much of the work was done in collaboration with Kirk McKusick, the original author of FFS and Softupdates, under sponsorship form Yahoo!, Juniper and iXsystems. Jeff's blog contains quite a lot of technical information of his work. There's also information on the FreeBSD mailing lists.
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RE[2]: UFS?
by sakeniwefu on Sun 25th Apr 2010 23:38 UTC in reply to "RE: UFS?"
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If I understand the blog posts("Come Play, My Lord.") this is not actually storing any data on the journal but recording a few of the corner cases not covered by softupdates.

The real question is if this is needed. You are sacrificing overall performance for very little gain. You only have boot once after a forceful shutdown. A minute more or less won't make a difference IMO.

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