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Games Yesterday Phoronix showed proof of Steam's Linux client existence via its Mac OS X launcher that is currently in closed beta, then this morning they showed further signs of Linux support. Since 2008 it was known that Steam and the Source Engine would come to Linux. As an update, they even pointed out the download link for the Steam Linux binary from their store.
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RE[3]: Really?
by Laurence on Mon 26th Apr 2010 09:10 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Really?"
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Piracy rates on Linux are lower because not only is there less to pirate, but someone who has installed linux is also typically willing to look for alternative applications to do what they need - and in most cases, there are free apps available.

I know a lot of windows users who are completely unwilling to try any alternatives to the established products, for instance i know people who use photoshop (usually pirated) for extremely trivial tasks like resizing or cropping photos.

Yeah, I'm aware of that.

I was making the point that the earlier comment - about how Linux users are unwilling to pay for software because Linux software is free - was twisting observable evidence to form an unfounded conclusion. Thus to illustrate how weak his argument was, I used the same observation he used to counter his own argument (ie Fewer people might pay for Linux software, but fewer people pirate Linux software too - so his argument is moot).

Sorry for not making that clearer in my initial post.

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