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Mac OS X Over the weekend, a rumour spread like wildfire through Apple and Mac circles which stated that starting with Mac OS X 10.7, Apple would introduce the App Store model to the Mac, allowing only Apple-approved applications to run. It became apparent to me right away that this was a load of nonsense, and for once, I was right: Steve Jobs has personally dismissed the rumour.
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by TBPrince on Mon 26th Apr 2010 11:25 UTC
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If iPhone business model keeps being a success (in terms of developers, rather than money), it's not unlikely that move could happen, though I think it's too early for that now.

That would of course be very bad for all, starting from consumers. Problems with IPhone AppStore should be enough to make developers (and customers) realize what danger we're facing.

If Mac OS X share in global market won't surge a lot in coming months (say 1 year), it's not unlikely that Jobs might bet that house on a different business model which he could more tightly control. A small share in market would make such change not so painful. I doubt that Microsoft could do the same.

Rumors could be originated by people getting to know Apple is building/experimenting such transition though that doesn't mean they will actually perform it.

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Well, with Apple's lifetime limit of how much Ipad hardware related profit they are willing to extract from you is true, any madness is possible.

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Well, to be honest nothing is impossible. When the whole IPhone madness started I thought "What sane developer could invest money and energies in such a business model??".

Well, I proved wrong since thousands developers started to create apps for IPhones (apps... let's say small-scale utilities...) while only now Apple is showing its true colors about that platform (ask Adobe, Google and I'm sure other big boys who weren't that dumb to actually *try* to release something, even if I'm sure they thought about it).

So the key is around developers: until there will be enough developers willing to waste their time, nothing is impossible and also an IPad might look attractive.

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