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Legal Well, this is unexpected. The iPhone 4G saga just got a whole lot crazier - dare I say it, a whole lot more ridiculous. Have you ever reported anything like a phone or something similarly small stolen to the police? What was their reaction? Did you ever get the device back? Did they send an army of officers to get your device back? No? Odd. They raided Jason Chen's house, and took four computers and two servers. Update: And thus our true colours reveal. "The raid that San Mateo area cops conducted last week on the house of Gizmodo editor Jason Chen came at the behest of a special multi-agency task force that was commissioned to work with the computer industry to tackle high-tech crimes. And Apple Inc. sits on the task force's steering committee." Update II: According to TechCrunch, the investigation has been put on hold while the DA ponders Gizmodo's shield defence. Update III: Some legal insight from a constitutional law and first amendment expert and a law professor. The gist? The DA has said no one has been charged with anything here, making this just an investigation - however, this makes the search and seizing of material worse. "If the police are literally just gathering information, with no suspect targeted yet, then a subpoena against a journalist would have probably been smarter than a search warranted that resulted in the front door of Chen's home being bashed in."
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by fretinator on Tue 27th Apr 2010 01:53 UTC
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There are people who just get all lathered up about anything new Apple does. They spend endless hours trying to guess what Apple will do next. Here they go on a total frenzy about this phone.

These are Apple's most hardcore fans. So what has Apple historically done to these folk? They issue gag orders, try to get them shut down. Here they even brought in the Feds. In other cases, they have caused journalists to be fired.

I'm just saying it seems like strange behavior. When a company does its utmost to destroy its most hardcore fans, why do those fans keep lining up? It seems like a co-dependent relationship. The more they hit me the more they must love me?

I don't know, I've just never understood it. Wait, I got to go, there's a knock at my door...

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RE: Funny
by Eugenia on Tue 27th Apr 2010 02:06 in reply to "Funny"
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Well said. I could not decide between the iPhone 4G and the Nexus One my husband got for me as a gift months ago (and I refused to use it as my main phone because I didn't like its UI as much as the iPhone's). But now it seems certain that I won't be buying an iPhone 4G, and the Nexus One will just have to do, to replace my old and dying iPhone 2G.

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RE[2]: Funny
by Smeagol on Tue 27th Apr 2010 14:13 in reply to "RE: Funny"
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Irrational, but ultimately your decision. Enjoy the lesser experience.

Apple doesn't make the law, we the people do. And we, the people, ask our police and judges to apply that law as evenly as they can.

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RE[2]: Funny
by Timmmm on Tue 27th Apr 2010 16:05 in reply to "RE: Funny"
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That's pretty funny considering who your husband is!

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RE: Funny
by Morgan on Tue 27th Apr 2010 02:48 in reply to "Funny"
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Well I love OS X, I think it's the best commercial OS available. Now, take a look at that word "available" and you'll see why I don't like Apple as a company. It's only officially available on their hardware. Of course they have some great hardware, but I can't afford it. Someone like me is left with two choices for running OS X: Buy used Macs, or build a Hackintosh. I've done both in the past, and currently have a very fast (for my needs), well-built machine that triple boots Leopard, Linux and Windows.

And as much as I love working in OS X, I'm getting ready to go with Linux Mint as my main OS, with Slackware and Haiku partitions just for fun. I am only holding on to Windows right now for old games and my son's archaic non-MSC MP3 player.

Now that most of what I do is cross-platform, I can soon leave OS X behind with few regrets. Sure, I'll miss the fluid, consistent interface, the cool little tricks and tools under the hood, easy iPod syncing, GarageBand...but I don't need any of that. I'd much prefer to have a computer unencumbered by overbearing corporate entities.

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RE: Funny
by DigitalAxis on Tue 27th Apr 2010 03:35 in reply to "Funny"
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And by the same token, don't expect Gizmodo to be any less ga-ga over Apple's latest hype. They will forever be searching for that same wonderful taste of excitement they had when they realized that this... this was the secret iPhone! This magical technology... the colors man, the colors!

Seriously, though... to this layman the entire thing looks bizarre. Apple got their device back, but is still acting like they suspect the guy who works at Gizmodo has it. It's not like Gizmodo is hard to find, or that obscure in technical circles. Hey, we have it! Good, send it back to us NOW.

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RE: Funny
by fanboi_fanboi on Tue 27th Apr 2010 13:59 in reply to "Funny"
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Either that or, aside from a few dozen random internet retards like us posting on an obscure website ... 99.9% of iPhone users couldn't give a rat's ass about this. They just like the phone, because it works.

The market has spoken. If Apple does something to piss of that 99.9%, the market will shift away from Apple.

Everyone here needs to take a few economics courses.

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