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Opera Software Opera has released version 10.52 for the Mac. "The new Opera is designed with Mac in mind. This version boasts an improved user interface, Cocoa integration, multi-touch trackpad gestures and Growl support. This, combined with the unprecedented speed from the new JavaScript engine, Carakan, and the new graphic library, Vega, provides a faster and smoother browsing experience. The new Opera also features the latest in Web standards, including leading SVG support and HTML 5 video." Only Linux remains, now.
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RE: No Linux version
by UltraZelda64 on Wed 28th Apr 2010 07:15 UTC in reply to "No Linux version"
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ALL 10.5 releases are big, probably much bigger than an Opera release has been in... who knows how long. And not only that, 10.5 marks the time when each version will be distinct from one another, taking its entire GUI layout/theme from the OS it is running on. I'm sure you noticed the (abysmal) Windows theme (luckily you can turn that big, ugly button off and switch back to the classic menu style...).

The Mac version also feels more built-into the OS judging from everything I've read, though I can't verify since I don't run Mac and honestly don't really care. And the Linux version? Well, that one is getting a facelift of its own--it's being redesigned to look like a native GTK+ program, making it look like a proper GTK app and cutting some of the extra weight for those who don't run KDE. There were some screenshots posted somewhere around the time of the 10.5 Windows Alpha release, of the in-development Linux version.

So really... just wait and see. I can certainly see why Opera is taking longer than usual to support Mac/Linux/etc.--this kind of stuff (separation) takes time. Normally, every version gets released simultaneously, but I'd say they have good enough reasons to delay 10.5 across platforms. If the other OSes still seem neglected with versions proceeding 10.52... *then* you can start getting worried.

As a company, would it *really* be a good idea to delay *all* versions until they are all complete? Seriously. Think about how much time between the original Windows release and the eventual Linux release. IMO, they're doing fine.

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