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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless People have often rightfully pointed out that we here at OSNews do not seem to pay a lot of attention to RIM and its BlackBerry mobile operating system. Those people are right, but it stems from the fact that I simply have never actually seen, let alone used, a BlackBerry, which makes it very hard to write about. I'm hoping this will go a little way into turning that frown upside down: today, RIM demonstrated version 6.0 of its BlackBerry operating system. And it's on OSNews' front page.
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Want to try it out!
by dnstest on Wed 28th Apr 2010 09:43 UTC
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I can't wait to upgrade my 9700. ;)
I really like the phone, but I do have problems with application crashes and occasional freezes. The browser is sluggish, and some websites are impossible to navigate with it. The web browser upgrade is the most important feature IMO.
I can see why some people do not like the BB interface (vs the iPhone for example), but I personally like it just fine. I don't use very many 3rd party apps, so I can't comment on the quality of BB apps.
Maybe I just like my 9700 so much because I switched from Windows Mobile, and that phone, the Blackjack II, was the worst phone I ever owned.

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RE: Want to try it out!
by Beachchairs on Wed 28th Apr 2010 21:39 in reply to "Want to try it out!"
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Try upgrading the Phone OS, or if you did upgrade try downgrading. I found sometimes my wireless providers upgrades have significant problems with them. Using a different OS version can often fix this (referring to app crashes and locking up).

For a browser, you could try Opera Mini. It works decently well, but has the UI issues typical of Opera. It takes me a few attempts to close it sometimes. Ya.

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