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NetBSD "Since early 2009 NetBSD and rump has supported execution of stock kernel module binaries in userspace on x86 architectures. Starting in -current as of today, kernel modules will automatically be loaded from the host into the rump kernel. For example, when mounting a file system in a rump kernel, support will be automatically loaded before mounting is attempted."
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RE: This is real news...
by ZacharyM on Wed 28th Apr 2010 12:32 UTC in reply to "This is real news..."
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I hope someday all the drivers run and driver development is done in user-space (even if its slower).

I agree that this is great news for NetBSD, but I do believe that there are items that should be left in the kernel as well. Now it's time to install the world's most portable operating system on a Sun Netra T1.

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RE[2]: This is real news...
by Zbigniew on Wed 28th Apr 2010 21:22 in reply to "RE: This is real news..."
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I heard, that on the hardware using SPARC processors OpenBSD is doing much better, than NetBSD. But don't ask me for details; didn't dig into this deep enough.

One of the reasons AFAIR was that Theo de Raadt is fond of SPARC.

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RE[3]: This is real news...
by cb88 on Thu 29th Apr 2010 15:04 in reply to "RE[2]: This is real news..."
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Everyone should be fond of SPARC not just because I say of course but because SPARC is a standardized design (IEEE) no lisensing required... SPARC is what loongson claims to be and I'm sorry to say but Richard Stallman was duped when he got that loongson netbook as its hardware isn't open at all in fact its all extremely proprietary.

SPARC has inroads in space computing (high radiation environments)... mobile (S1 core) and Desktop/Server/Workstation with T1 and T2 processors.... if only companies would realise the advantage of using a design people can't sue you for useing versus ARM or MIPS which require expensive lisensing.

Interesting what netbsd is doing here I wonder if it works on SPARC32? this sounds alot like exokernel ideas are being implemented (optimised userspace libraries for usuaully kernel tasks) ... there was a comparison with MIT's exokenrel work that showed mind boggling proformance increases when libraries were optimised to the workload.

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