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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu It's that time of year again: a new Ubuntu release (or Kubuntu, if that's your thing). Canonical has just released Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx. This is a long term support release, meaning its supported period is far longer than that of normal releases. It comes with the latest and greatest the Free software world has to offer, while also adding some Ubuntu-specific features, of course.
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Unfortunately an issue occurred about 10 days ago when I updated my clean Ubuntu 10.04 pre-release partition.

There is a major problem (or set of problems) involving Intel 845 and 855 graphic chipsets which results in a blank screen when you get to the point of getting to the log-on screen.

Though there are no changes today on release day, aparently Cannonical has chosen to disable 3D graphics on these installs until they get the bug worked out.


.. and:

It looks like the problem is with Intel and their driver though a kernel update is likely.

So it appears that the fears of 50% of laptop users upgrading to a dead screen may not be the case.

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Doubly unfortunate:

Although the actual Ubuntu iso was updated from the release candidate (has a different MD5SUM) the live CD still locks up at the same place in Boot as before.

So they did not reduce the functionality of all Intel users and the boot/upgrade/install will still fail for the many, many, many users who are not terribly geeky.

More to the point, my test partition is blissfully unaware of any updates which could make it useful.

Most users will think their system bricked, unaware of the safe video mode buried deeply within the grub menu.

They should have either made Intel graphics boot into safe video mode, or delayed the release.

There is not even an errata sheet on the Ubuntu home page like Fedora uses:


Bad Impression.

Bad politics.

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