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Opera Software "In order to ensure a consistently high quality browser across our most popular desktop platforms we have reluctantly decided to drop support for Solaris. This will allow our UNIX development team to focus all of their attention on bringing Opera for Linux and FreeBSD up to final release quality, meaning that a 10.5x release for these platforms will happen as soon as feasibly possible". Opera assure us that this will have no effect on the existing Linux and UNIX ports.
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by ZacharyM on Thu 29th Apr 2010 20:52 UTC
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It is indeed a lot of bad news. If only Oracle could somehow at least gain some confidence in Solaris' as well as OpenSolaris' availability or continuation of development in the future. A lot of people are uncertain about the future of Solaris' and OpenSolaris' future as was stated above, and various applications as well as developers which means things like this are happening. Some might speculate that Oracle has an interest in the continuation of Solaris due to the fact that Solaris in general as well as SPARC are the main platforms for their RDBMS solutions. Some have also said that they might have a vested interest in ZFS but you could look at btrfs as well as the increasing amount of commits from Oracle into the Linux kernel. I'm not sure but I'd like to see Solaris continue. Who knows? They could very well plan on keeping Solaris around for turnkey type solutions for their database application, Oracle UNIX or something of that nature.

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by Kebabbert on Thu 29th Apr 2010 21:34 in reply to ":("
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Oracle DB runs on Solaris, more than any other OS. Solaris is the OS used for development of Oracle DB, this is official. Oracle DB and Solaris runs well together,

Regarding OpenSolaris 2010.04, there are some bugs in ZFS deduplication that needs to be ironed out first. After that, it will be released.

Sun always had an open and public roadmap. Oracle has not - just like Apple. Oracle is quiet until released. Not like Sun. Oracle has officially said that OpenSolaris is under development and it will not get killed.

OpenSolaris is a testing ground for Solaris 11. Oracle expects to deliver Solaris 11, soon. OpenSolaris is needed for that.

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