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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu It's that time of year again: a new Ubuntu release (or Kubuntu, if that's your thing). Canonical has just released Ubuntu 10.04, Lucid Lynx. This is a long term support release, meaning its supported period is far longer than that of normal releases. It comes with the latest and greatest the Free software world has to offer, while also adding some Ubuntu-specific features, of course.
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RE: Yet another broken release
by ggeldenhuys on Thu 29th Apr 2010 22:21 UTC in reply to "Yet another broken release"
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I must agree, not all new Ubuntu release are better than the previous. My all time favorite and most stable release was Ubuntu 6.10. I was all downhill from there, until Ubuntu 8.04.2 (though the X11+WINE painting bug is driving me nuts). I'm busy downloading the new release now, but will first try it in VirtualBox before I wipe my current install. Maybe I should try Kubuntu instead?

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kubuntu won't help any, shares most packages with ubuntu

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phoenix Member since:

Yeah, but Kubuntu fixes the worst bug in Ubuntu by replacing GNOME. ;)

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