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IBM IBM has dropped its three remaining claims of patent infringement in a lawsuit against the SCO Group, which originally sued Big Blue in March 2003 over claims it broke a Unix licensing contract by moving technology to Linux.
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RE[3]: expediting the process
by on Sun 9th Oct 2005 12:49 UTC

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"sun already released UNIX as open source..... Solaris.

Sun owns the equivilent of unix ownership

Not that this is particularly related to the actual topic...

The Solaris 10 code that was released IS NOT UNIX, they delayed it so long because they had to avoid releasing anything that would displease SCO.

While its true that AT&T and Sun worked together on SysV, as far as I know, they have no patents related to it. These are all filed as being owned by Novell today.

In fact, if Sun owns UNIX, why then are they one of the companies leasing rights to UNIX from SCO? Doesn't make much sense right?

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