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Opera Software "In order to ensure a consistently high quality browser across our most popular desktop platforms we have reluctantly decided to drop support for Solaris. This will allow our UNIX development team to focus all of their attention on bringing Opera for Linux and FreeBSD up to final release quality, meaning that a 10.5x release for these platforms will happen as soon as feasibly possible". Opera assure us that this will have no effect on the existing Linux and UNIX ports.
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RE: Oracle?
by bassbeast on Fri 30th Apr 2010 10:10 UTC in reply to "Oracle?"
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Actually I think the future will be bright for Solaris under Oracle, just not on the desktop. It is pretty common knowledge that Larry Ellison has wanted a "top to bottom" solution to really compete with old big blue for awhile now, and Sun+Solaris+SPARC gives him that.

So what I think is gonna happen, and why he re-closed it, is this-Ellison is gonna push the heck out of the SPARC and Solaris developers to make SPARC+Solaris THE platform for Oracle DB. it will be the fastest, most reliable, most rock solid Oracle DB platform yet, and it will allow Larry to charge a serious premium for it, and they WILL pay, as those hooked on Oracle products will pay a serious premium for serious performance gains.

Say what you will about old Larry, but the man knows how to make money on his product. he knows that the money in Sun isn't in SPARC or Solaris desktops, it is in DB servers, and THAT is where he will focus. Mark my words but in less than 36 months I'd be surprised if any Oracle shop wasn't running Oracle DB on a Solaris+SPARC combination.

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RE[2]: Oracle?
by bitwelder on Fri 30th Apr 2010 10:50 in reply to "RE: Oracle?"
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I think about the same about future of Sun/Solaris, that it's usage will be increasingly linked to Larry's DB.
However I don't think it will be really bright, just reflecting some shines from the Oracle world.

Some years ago I remember the set of CDs to install Solaris was coming with some bonus & extras, and one of them was a CD for a limited version of Oracle.
In a few years time I won't be surprised to see the opposite, if you buy (for an outrageous amount of money) the DB application, you'll get an OS for free.

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