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Linux Via LWN: "Lennart Poettering has put up a lengthy post describing the 'systemd' project, which is creating a new init system. The whole thing is an interesting discussion of how system initialization should work. Upstart maintainer Scott James Remnant has posted a response to the announcement."
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RE[3]: launchd
by vivainio on Fri 30th Apr 2010 22:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: launchd"
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I believe it would be wiser to use a working, release-quality codebase than to write something from scratch. If more backwards compatibility is needed, it would be much simpler to add this functionality to launchd - there is nothing in its architecture to prevent this. And to answer his second objection, sure, launchd is not perfect, but it's much, much better than init/cron/inetd/xinetd/whatever.

To modify launchd, they would either have to fork it or co-operate with Apple. It may be that Linux-specific modifications are not something they want in Apple codebase.

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RE[4]: launchd
by darknexus on Sat 1st May 2010 06:08 in reply to "RE[3]: launchd"
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Yes, launchd at the moment is heavily dependent on OS X frameworks. Even though it's the core system process, it still makes heavy use of OS X APIs and libraries, and porting it to Linux would be quite the task.

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