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Amiga & AROS "Hyperion Entertainment CVBA announces the immediate availability of Update 2 for AmigaOS 4.1 for AmigaOne, SAM440EP and Pegasos II for registered users. Note that for this update you must have previously installed AmigaOS 4.1 Update 1. Installation of this Update 2 is required for the upcoming public alpha of Timberwolf [AmigaOS' Firefox port]. This is a minor update which contains mostly bugfixes."
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RE[2]: USB 2.0
by jjmckay on Sat 1st May 2010 06:58 UTC in reply to "RE: USB 2.0"
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I personally believe that Amiga OS 4.0 are unable to do so because, uh, some Amiga's out there in our nation don't have USB ports and, uh, I believe that our, uh, operating systems like such as in South Africa and, uh, the Iraq, everywhere like such as, and, I believe that they should, our USB 2.0 over here in the U.S. should help Microsoft., uh, or, uh, should help Hyperion and should help the Amiga's and the Asian countries, so we will be able to build up our future, for our children.

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RE[3]: USB 2.0
by Junius on Sat 1st May 2010 12:37 in reply to "RE[2]: USB 2.0"
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Erm, have I been working too hard this afternoon because I didn't follow that at all? I guess you were talking about equality of technological opportunity towards the ends which is important, but this has very little to do with the Amiga. Could you clarify please?

My A1200 had USB support before the subway controller met an untimely end so back to old school methods of transferring data; anyone tried to buy 720kb floppies these days? Even when you do get some Windows XP no longer allows you to format the damn things.

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RE[4]: USB 2.0
by jjmckay on Sun 2nd May 2010 03:17 in reply to "RE[3]: USB 2.0"
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Yes you've been working too hard. My post above was a parody on Miss South Carolina's answer to why most people in the United states can't locate their own country on a map. You can find it on Youtube with many millions of views.

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