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Gentoo This blog post details how the Gentoo Developers have added a "deblob" USE flag to remove any non-free code within the Linux Kernel. Its goal is to "remove binary blobs from kernel sources to provide libre license compliance". While we're at it, Kernel News has an in-depth look at Gentoo Linux.
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RE: What's Gentoo like today?
by Elv13 on Sat 1st May 2010 18:46 UTC in reply to "What's Gentoo like today?"
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Syncing is still slow, but compilation is now fast. With a ram disk (ddr2 ramfs) and a quad core, 99% of packages take less than 1 hours to build, most of them take 2 minutes (1 minute to scan the slow portage tree and the other to compile and install).

I don't update that much. Once you have a working gentoo system, you upgrade what you want when you want, there is no benefit to keep all packages updated at all time. Some older versions are faster. If you doesn't need newer feature, well, just keep those, packages don't need to be in sync like other binary based distributions.

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