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Legal Well, this certainly explains a whole lot. Both Apple and Microsoft have stated that the legality of Theora is highly debatable, and as it turns out, they knew more than we do - most likely courtesy of their close involvement with the MPEG-LA. Responding to an email from Free Software Foundation Europe activist Hugo Roy, Steve Jobs has stated that a patent pool is being assembled to go after Theora. Update: Monty Montgomery of Xiph (Ogg and Theora's parent organisation) has responded on Slashdot: "If Jobs's email is genuine, this is a powerful public gaffe ('All video codecs are covered by patents'). He'd be confirming MPEG's assertion in plain language anyone can understand. It would only strengthen the pushback against software patents and add to Apple's increasing PR mess. Macbooks and iPads may be pretty sweet, but creative individuals don't really like to give their business to jackbooted thugs."
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Where is the hell? Chrome for Linux will have H.264. Most of the big publishers like Hulu are going to keep serving Flash for desktop browsers. This big move to HTML5 video is mostly just hype from the tech press. The best thing about HTML5 is that it is giving Adobe some competition. Flash isn't going anywhere.

If Theora is chosen as standard, it will obviously be good press for theora but more importantly my friend ...
All OS platforms will in effect be promoting open standards.
Take that idea further. It will be good press for say...hmmmmm... Ubuntu.

Everything was falling into place and someone was having nightmares about this.

Is it that hard to imagine that Stevie might be thinking :"Hell no. Oh hell no. We can't allow free good press on this scale. This is a potential game changer! freakin hell!"

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