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Gnome At the GNOME summit in Boston, Federico Mena-Quintero held a presentation titled "Making GNOME Fast". You can view the presentation in .html and .odp.
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by dikatlon on Sun 9th Oct 2005 16:06 UTC
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Stop whining.

1) Fil in bug reports
2) Start researching
3) Start coding
4) Give feedback
5) Converse with the developers
(The ranking suppose not to mean any priority level)

Opensource software gives you this freedom, use it.

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RE: Action
by on Sun 9th Oct 2005 17:07 in reply to "Action"
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Ah, thanks for that attitude too!

"omg MS sucks windows is slow bloated and crashes and is full of security holes. use linux!!!!11"

"But what about the fact that it's much slower, there are still many bugs in the major apps, and there are have been many security holes in Firefox?"


And hence Linux's absolute miniscule market share, after 15 YEARS of development. When you people actually understand what people WANT, and you can't just throw it back in their face when you advocate it, who knows -- maybe 2016 will be the "Linux year of the desktop".

Until then, the great ideas behind open source are wasted by a bunch of sloppily-coding bloatware meisters who just blame anyone and anything else when there are serious problems...

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RE[2]: Action
by dikatlon on Sun 9th Oct 2005 21:56 in reply to "RE: Action"
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Don't take me wrong - The Bazaar and the Cathedral shows you that opensource is a way to collaborate in your coding project that worked well with the Linux kernel( and do work nowadays also). Do not blah blah, do something. This was actually not pointed to the end users - it was for hackers.

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