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Legal While Eugenia has already detailed just how intricate and impressive the MPEG-LA's efforts have been to basically set up the foundations that would allow them to sue just about everyone - their vague and unclear licenses are used in everything from DVD players to digital camcorders, and as such, it's hard to avoid them. Many others claim that the MPEG-LA won't ever go rogue (or this, take your pick). I think those people will be interested to know that one of the MPEG-LA's subsidiaries, a cut-and-clear patent troll, has launched several patent infringement suits earlier this year. This patent troll's CEO? Larry Horn - yes, the same Larry Horn who's also CEO of the MPEG-LA.
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I don't understand the complaint
by whartung on Thu 6th May 2010 16:43 UTC
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Either the patents are valid or they are not. Isn't this what people want? Basically, the primary concern now with patents in general, and MPEG-LA, is that their patent holding are FUD, that they hold their claims and threats over folks heads and through muddled statements.

Rather than saying "You may be in violation, and will need to license this", they're finally pulling the trigger and trying to enforce the patents. Which means they need to, in court, qualify and clarify their patent claims.

Once that's done, other can more readily (potentially) work around their patents and achieve the same functionality.

I would expect that the patent-free codec folks would embrace a lawsuit, as that seems like the only way they can get traction as a safe alternative by surviving the process instead of living under a cloud of threats, FUD, "I say, He says".

At least they're going after folks who's legal departments are mere blips on their balance sheets compared to Joe the Hacker who would need to mortgage their life.

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