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Hardware, Embedded Systems Lies, damned lies, and statistics. A really annoying overused catchphrase which sadly happens to be an adequate description of a story which appeared on Fortune's website, in which a Morgan Stanley report is quoted as saying that the introduction of tablet computers - the iPad specifically - have caused netbook sales to plummet. It seems like the researcher in question, however, needs to learn how to read her own graphs.
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Again I would never buy one
by Chezz on Thu 6th May 2010 19:55 UTC
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The netbook market hasn't really change since my last comment on osnews

Using a smart phone (iphone) and a 15.4" laptop leaves no place for an over-priced low-end machined (netbook) The price range $200 to $500 is an overkill for an atom CPU that doesn't do anything beside googling and email and few gigs of storage that can barely store two movies.

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RE: Again I would never buy one
by tjolley on Thu 6th May 2010 20:25 in reply to "Again I would never buy one"
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That is a totally true evaluation if you already have a laptop. But for those who have a desktop, a netbook is a good little device.

I have a 27" iMac and an iPhone, and love my netbook (running OSX of course). I take it to class with me every day, use it on the patio and porch, and plop down in front of TV and do some emailing and surfing while watching TV.

Drop a 16GB or 32GB SD card in it and I have all the movies I need for traveling with it.

The netbook does everything I need it to do at an amazing size, portability, and price point. If I need more horsepower, I use the desktop, if i want even more portability, I use the iPhone.

For me, the iPad is the odd man out. It fills no need that I currently cannot do better (and cheaper) with my iPhone/Netbook combo.

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RE: Again I would never buy one
by qortra on Thu 6th May 2010 20:50 in reply to "Again I would never buy one"
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I agree with some of that, but I think three of the largest attractions for netbooks were their portability, battery life, and price, none of which is typical of your average notebook up until recently. My theory is that the netbook market is being cannibalized by the CULV notebooks which share these qualities.

For the last half year, you could get CULVs in screens sizes 11"-15" with battery lives up to 12 hours, a worthy match for even the most battery-conscious netbooks. Some of the popular CULV product lineups such as Asus UL and Acer Timeline are reasonably priced as well (starting at $500ish). The Intel SU series processors that most of them use wipe the floor with netbooks and their Atom processors. Also, their gains in popularity are well correlated with the drop in netbook growth (as presented by the article).

As a sibling poster said, the target market are those people who want to do some low-medium intensity computing while watching some TV. I would take a CULV notebook over some desktop-replacement behemoth in a flash for purpose.

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darknexus Member since:

A few gigs of storage? Hmm, guess that 250 gb drive in my Asus 1005PE is a figment of my imagination then, and so are the three TV seasons and 15 movies I have stored there, not to mention my 20 gigs of music and my 40 gigs of audiobooks. No, there's just no room on that at all... To add to that, it's a nice 10-inch form factor (perfect size) and easily gets a good 12 hours of battery. Oh, and it actually has a keyboard unlike the iPad, and don't get me started about virtual keyboards. The cost? $371 USD. Cheapest iPad? $499 USD and it only has a few gigs of storage (16 to be exact) that I could only fit a few movies on. Funny thing there... Oh not to mention the webcam and microphone both, coincidentally, lacking on the iPad. NO, clearly I should ditch the netbook for the more expensive and less capable iPad.

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Morgan Member since:

Thank you for that.

I still maintain that the iPad is merely a large-screen iPod touch (of which I own an 8GB model) and as such is an unwieldy and unnecessary device. It's too big to pocket, too fragile to bang around in a backpack, and does less than the most basic netbook.

I do like most Apple products but I think the iPad was a mistake, no matter what the pundits say. It will make them some money from the die-hard Apple gadget freaks, but I can't see it being sustainable for more than a year or two.

Of course, by then they may be able to make a netbook-format machine that will pass Steve Jobs' scrutiny (i.e. not suck).

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RE: Again I would never buy one
by kragil on Thu 6th May 2010 23:08 in reply to "Again I would never buy one"
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Speak for yourself!!

I love my tiny EeePC 901. Perfect couch/bed computer. Small robust (SSD) and long battery life.

And it can do everything I need and only cost me 250€ over a year ago. A notebook is too fragile, heavy and annoying on the couch or in bed.

And I really don't see how a big Ipod touch could replace that in any way. My netbook dominates the Ipad in every respect that matters to me.

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molnarcs Member since:

That's utterly crap - I just bought an Asus 1201n, and it's brilliant. Now I'm selling my "old" laptop (Vostro 1400 with a T9300 CPU and Nvidia GS 8400).

The 1201n can play HD content (720p & 1080p) without breaking a sweat. I can even output it to my 40 inch TV through its HDMI port. NWN2 plays fine at native resolution with above average graphics settings. I already have a wireless keyboard/mouse combo, so I can do some gaming laying in my hammock ;)

I also travel a lot on my motorbike to explore this beautiful country (Vietnam). I used to haul my Vostro around, but it was just too heavy for that. The 1201n is just the right form factor for me... It's beautiful, 12 inch (1368x768) screen is just perfect, and I can barely feel it's weight in my backpack. The 4-5 hours battery life is decent.

Comes with Windows 7 professional installed on its 250Gb HDD. I'm a linux guy (Arch) and I planned on making it dual boot, but I just can't bother. Win7 is rather decent and it flies on this system (dual core Atom 330 cpu). So yes, your information and your post is rather outdated. I was looking for something like this for a long time, but almost all of the CULVs I found at this price point (490$) here had intel graphics - so for me, it's the perfect machine. I'm going to buy a desktop pc though for some HD content editing and other heavier stuff...

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jessedegenerate Member since:

Yeah, way to speak for everyone on the planet.

I own a smartphone, and my main machine is a 15" laptop. There are pleanty of times i want to look something up, or really quickly VNC into a computer, or write an email on a semi qwetry outside in my backyard.

Yes i could unhook my laptop from it's backup drive, extra 23" display and take it outside and my audio recording gear, but that's what the ipad is for.

my wife loves to look up recipes on it. I watch mythbusters on it before i go to sleep (streaming of course) email, and VNC on it mostly, apart from showing people photo's and surfing the web. VNC is INFINITELY more useful on the ipad's screen, so is web surfing in general.

although i have fit about 9 full length movies on it, along with 7 gb of music. 90% of the video i view is streamed however.

So for me, this thing makes sense. If it doesn't for you, cause you like to take your 15" laptop with you everywhere, that's cool too. Just don't assume everyone thinks the way you do.

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