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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu Remember how Mark Shuttleworth justified moving the window titlebar widgets to the left by claiming the space freed up on the right side could now be used for something else? On his blog, Shuttleworth unveiled what, exactly, Ubuntu's plans are: window indicators, or 'windicators'. In a nutshell, it comes down to having a tray area in every window.
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RE[5]: Pure Awesome
by phoenix on Fri 7th May 2010 15:30 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: Pure Awesome"
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The WM does not enforce consistence across applications, a clear example is the differences between applications using different toolkits.

GUI consistency, no. Window control consistency, yes.

The borders work the same, regardless of the toolkit. The window management buttons work the same, regardless of toolkit. Snap-to features work the same regardless of the app, toolkit, etc. Moving application windows works the same. Etc.

All the interaction with the application windows is the same, regardless of the application ... because that's all handled by the window manager.

Moving these kinds of functions into the client application will break all kinds of things.

Just look at Google Chrome for a great example of why client-side window decorations and window management sucks. Ever tried to click on a tab, only to have the whole window de-maximised and moved? Ever had a screen full of tabs and tried to figure out how to move the window? Even tried to click on a tab only to have that tab detached from the window and moved? Ever tried to make Chrome look like any other application on your desktop?

The applications have the control for most of their interaction with the users and are responsible for consistence and proper interaction.

Applications control how users interact with the widgets, and gidgets, and doodads within the app window.

But the window manager controls how users interact with the app windows themselves.

providing an API which is integrated with the WM and tracking that that API will be used in most applications is a good step to improve with consistence.

Exactly. Provide an API for interacting with the WM, don't move WM functions (window decorations, for example) into the client.

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