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Talk, Rumors, X Versus Y "Dear Ubuntu, for the last couple years life has been good. Every time I've shown you to a friend or family member, they've compared you to what they're familiar with--Windows XP or Vista, mostly--and by comparison you've looked brilliant. Yeah, your ugly brown color scheme was a bit off-putting at first, but once people saw how secure, simple, and reliable you were, the response was almost universally positive. But recently, things have changed ..."
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Spending 5 - 6 hours
by z. vukman on Sun 9th May 2010 16:01 UTC
z. vukman
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to change it to something beautiful? Are you kidding me? It takes 5 minutes to change everything: background, icons etc. And default Windows 7 background is plain ugly - strange mixture of light green & blue. Ubuntu 10.4 default theme is beautiful. The size of the panel fits much better her on my laptop than the one in Windows 7 (which you can't resize at all) and panel in MacOSX is just waste of space.
I dunno about Firefox, but I use Opera as my default browser on Ubuntu and it is as excellent as on any other platform. With Opera Unite, I have server both on my stationary PC and my laptop no matter which operating system I use.
Ubuntu 10.4 has a great software installer. Why nobody talks about that?
Ubuntu 10.4 boots much faster than Windows 7.
I have mobile broadband here and in windows when boot or close the lid on my laptop I have to redial every time when I open the lid or reboot. Ubuntu automatically connects me to internet provider. No dialing after reboot or efter closing/opening the lid.
Graphics, sound & printer works out of the box.
No issues with flash and java.
No crashes.

What is wrong with you guys?

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RE: Spending 5 - 6 hours
by bosco_bearbank on Sun 9th May 2010 22:22 in reply to "Spending 5 - 6 hours "
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And default Windows 7 background is plain ugly - strange mixture of light green & blue. Ubuntu 10.4 default theme is beautiful.

Rule #16 regarding judging an OS: Never judge an OS by it's default theme if that theme is easily changed.

I personally think the default Ubuntu 10.04 theme sucks, and I'm not fond the default themes found in many other distros, either. However, it's no big deal. A minute or two is all it takes to change the theme.

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RE[2]: Spending 5 - 6 hours
by shotsman on Mon 10th May 2010 06:16 in reply to "RE: Spending 5 - 6 hours "
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It might take a few moments for you to change this but how many 'Joe Sixpack' users coming to Linux for the first time can do it this quickly?
They might struggle for 20-30 mins if you are lucky and then give up and go back to the cocoon of Windows. Then you have a lost user.

IMHO, all the Ubuntu default themes are pretty dire. Think of them like Music Sleeves (LPl's) where lots of thought went into the design. Fedora seems to take great pride in this area. Ubuntu seems to do it as an afterthought.
Just my 2p worth.

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