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In the News Whatever products we use, I think we can all agree that the United States patent system and the US Patent and Trademark Office need a serious overhaul. Not only has the USPTO a history of granting ridiculous patents (massive prior art, obviousness, incredibly vague, the USPTO grants them all), it also has a backlog of about 750000 patent applications. The USPTO now has a plan to combat these issues - sadly, they once again display their utter incompetence.
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rather than have the cost be the same for everyone, they should make it dependent on how much the company or person makes. They can then set patent cost at around 5% of ones yearly income and be done with it.

And how hard would it be to cheat this system, dead simple. Actually whole situation would be worse since it would create more patent troll companies that exists merely to pump money from big corporates. Most of the patents are so hard to accomplish by mere person that it would choke of innovation.

Alternately, we just abolish the patent system because it's a huge mess that no longer makes any sense.

And make millions of people unemployed? R&D is one of the biggest employer in western countries since production has moved to china and other cheap places. Patents protect those inventions. If it takes couple of years to innovate something new how long you think it takes to ape it, 5mins. What sane company would spend money or time on R%D when some chinese firm full of apes will come same product in 5mins? Compete with product that needs to cover R&D and production against something that has just production costs, which one you think is going to cost less? Or maybe we all can be employed by Greece goverment.

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