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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless When Apple sued HTC, and targeted Android specifically (news which came out of the blue), many people, including myself, were convinced this was Apple letting the world know they were afraid of Android's rising popularity. This notion was laughed away by many an Apple fan, but it turns out that this is most likely far closer to reality than many dare to admit: in the first quarter of 2010, Android conquered the number two market share spot from the iPhone in the US - and by a wide margin too. Update: Added a graph which better shows the trend.
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RE: And what about the developers?
by JeffS on Mon 10th May 2010 19:56 UTC in reply to "And what about the developers?"
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Also from that post:

"Some of our customers have suggested that we continue to develop the version of revMobile that outputs entirely native code (as detailed above). However such a solution--even though it would create perfect applications--would be in violation of Apple's agreement, which states that code must originally be developed in one of their approved languages. As such, we cannot risk hundreds of thousands of dollars of further engineering budget to create a solution that does not guarantee Apple acceptance to the app store."

This says it all, and will ultimately (over time) be Apple's demise. Well, "demise" might be an extreme term. Let's just say that Apple is working really hard to marginalize itself and it's products. Their arrogance, and current revenue, is what's keeping them from seeing this.

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