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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless While most of us here on the OSNews team are proponents of HTML5, we're all fully aware that Flash serves an important role on the web today, and will most likely continue to do so for the foreseeable future. Flash has a rather spotty record when it comes to performance, and so far, hasn't been able to run well on mobile devices. It seems this is about to change, as an Adobe evangelist has showed off Flash 10.1 on Android 2.2 (Froyo) running on the Nexus One. And eerlijk is eerlijk, it looks pretty darn impressive, especially considering how far they've come.
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Flash is not all *that* bad performance wise
by _xmv on Tue 11th May 2010 13:03 UTC
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Playing same content using html5's h264 or theora with browser xx vs flash often end up into noticing that the HTML5 version uses a lot more CPU.
That's just video playback, no extra content. (HTML5 video implementations are probably not accelerated. Heck some people always wondered why VLC, which they thought was the fastest player is not accelerated, and "regular shitty players" perform(ed) way better)

It depends on the browser and platform. All using Flash 10 in fullscreen mode with acceleration (or 10.1 in window mode with acceleration)

Flash on Linux and MacOSX certainly is not nearly as quick as the Windows version.

I've a panasonic R3, that's a pentium m ULV 1.1ghz, running Windows XP SP3 and Flash 10.1, intel 850GM graphic chip. 6 years old. I play most youtube 720p's flash animations without noticeable lag. I assume it goes from 20 to 30fps approx. That's pretty good.

Now doing the same thing on Linux, same machine, i lose a good 5-8 fps (they also have gotten better, a year+ ago it was horrible on Flash 9)

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