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Gnome The problem with just about every virtual desktop implementation is just that - they're virtual. This means that beyond the ability to move windows to specific desktops, you're still looking at exactly the same desktop, no matter what virtual desktop number you switched to. A mockup for GNOME Shell is trying to take the virtual out of virtual desktop.
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windows doesnt have it built in, but you can easily bolt it on.

And not everyone needs "virtual desktops". Of limited use to someone that only surfs the web, does email, and IMs ;)

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not everyone needs "virtual desktops"

I disagree. People don't know they need them. They're like tabbed browsing: until you use it you don't know what you're missing. Maybe tabs aren't right for all situations and all people, but like virtual desktops they're an essential tool everyone should have available.

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I've tried them a few times, but never could figure out why it was any better than multiple monitors and a good taskbar/task manager. Maybe I'm not using them "right" or maybe I've never been shown how to use them "right".

Then again, I tend to work with maximised windows, and tabbed interfaces (Firefox, Chrome, Konsole, KRDC, Kate, etc).

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Actually, Windows XP and later have virtual desktops built-in. Sysinternals has a very nice little tool for using them.

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modded down? heh. truth hurts, eh?

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