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Microsoft The Microsoft empire is built upon two pillars: the Windows operating system, and Microsoft Office. Windows 7 made its way unto the scene last year, and now it's time to work on the other pillar. Today, Microsoft officially launched Microsoft Office 2010 and SharePoint 2010. Regular customers will be able to purchase the new versions next month, starting at 119 USD.
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A UI that has to perform an 'endless' number of functions has to categorize them somehow, be it an 'endless' menu tree, an 'endless' number of tabs or an 'endless' number of whatever else you can think. The difference is that the old UI could not scale any more, so they had to invent a new one.

A typical user of MS office uses 20-30% of functions. This has been true since the days of Lotus 123. So scalablity isnt the issue, its ease of use. No one is looking for more functions. At some point products peak. We reached that back in 2000-2003.

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