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Ubuntu, Kubuntu, Xubuntu "UDS is over! And in the customary wrap-up I stood up and told the audience what the Foundations team have been discussing all week. One of the items is almost certainly going to get a little bit of publicity. We are going to be doing the work to have btrfs as an installation option, and we have not ruled out making it the default. I do stress the emphasis of that statement, a number of things would have to be true for us to take that decision."
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RE[6]: Great!
by Fettarme H-Milch on Sat 15th May 2010 23:30 UTC in reply to "RE[5]: Great!"
Fettarme H-Milch
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Well, we all know that *most software is seen in fedora before ubuntu, but the suggestion that Ubuntu uses or builds upon fedora is ludicrous. Ubuntu is based on Debian.

Learn to read. Nobody wrote that Ubuntu is based on Fedora. Ubuntu uses specific features from Fedora (like Plymouth). Many features Ubuntu uses may be in default Debian, but are primarily developed by Red Hat with Fedora in mind: For example Red Hat tries to make Nouveau 3D "good enough" for compositing window managers in Fedora 14.
As Fedora is always released ~1 month after Ubuntu, that's too late for Ubuntu 10.10.
Even with smaller financial resources, Canonical could assign a developer to also work on Nouveau and finish that work a month earlier in time for 10.10. Canonical does not do that. Canonical employs people but only very, very few of them participate in upstream FOSS projects.
Comparing the work force, Mandriva and Canonical are roughly equal in size (~100 employees), but despite Canonical's much deeper pockets, Mandriva is ahead of Canonical in every FOSS contributions statistic I know.

go to work for a closed-source proprietary company like Apple

Apple (co-)develops WebKit, CUPS, GCC, LLVM, and much more. Strange that a "closed-source proprietary company" contributes much more to FOSS than Canonical...

Stop spamming.

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RE[7]: Great!
by Rahul on Sun 16th May 2010 10:02 in reply to "RE[6]: Great!"
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I should note that Canonical has more than 300 employees. Not 100.

Not sure of the organization split of developers vs others but you can make rough estimates

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