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Amiga & AROS A few weeks ago, Novell and Red Hat jointly fended off a patent infringement suit thrown their way by a patent troll. The patent in question more or less came down to the concept of virtual desktops - and thanks to Groklaw, several people helped in finding cases of prior art. The most interesting one of all? A carefully restored and working Amiga 1000 demonstrated to the judge and jury.
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Dont trust Groklaw FUD
by Kebabbert on Sun 16th May 2010 11:57 UTC
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According to this guy below, Groklaw is an IBM FUD web site. The guy is trying to sell the IBM Mainframe emulator TurboHercules.

Groklaw who reported on IBM vs SCO case, is actually an IBM marketing channel. The founder of Groklaw, PJ, is an IBM FUDer and downtalks SCO and tries to make IBM look good. The result of this Groklaw site, is that IBM has gained lots of cred among open source people.

Ironically, IBM always was the evil company, until Microsoft took that role, but now MS has started to behave better. And IBM is getting back the role of the big evil company. IBM was the company that once started with FUD:,_uncertainty_and_doubt#Definition

Now IBM vs the Mainframe emulator TurboHercules has started to draw attention. IBM has released 511 patents and promised not to sue any companies. But Turbohercules has been sued!

Groklaw defends IBM vigorously on this and are using foul play. For instance, the TurboHercules founder is explaining his side on the case, and his comments are deleted - for everyone else except him. If he logs in to groklaw from another IP adress, his comments are deleted. But from his own IP adress, he can read his comments. So he believed that everyone could read his explanation, but groklaw is censoring him in a very sneaky way!

Start to read from the bottom and try to judge yourself about Groklaw. You should listen to both sides, not only IBM side.

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RE: Dont trust Groklaw FUD
by JLF65 on Sun 16th May 2010 19:15 in reply to "Dont trust Groklaw FUD"
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I'd mark this guy down as a troll if I hadn't already posted in this thread. So I'll just call troll on him in the reply. There's no FUD at Groklaw - they exist to put down FUD. They are not in any way associated with IBM, and cover much more than just the SCO case. Every article is backed with actual court documents. While PJ can be a little biased (towards FOSS), you can still look at every document and make up your own mind.

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RE[2]: Dont trust Groklaw FUD
by Kebabbert on Mon 17th May 2010 08:39 in reply to "RE: Dont trust Groklaw FUD"
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So you mean that he has not been censored at Groklaw? And you mean that IBM do not try to stop him from selling the IBM Mainframe emulator? Have you read his blog, starting from the bottom? No? I suggest you do it. Lest you call him a liar.

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