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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless And here's to the good stuff. When HP bought Palm a few weeks ago, the computer giant made it very clear they are going to put the webOS on a tablet, and maybe even on a netbook. While it has never been a secret that the webOS actually runs just fine on x86, nobody ever tried to actually boot it on real hardware. Until now, that is - and it works, without any modifications.
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RE: There OS News after all...
by marine6680 on Sun 16th May 2010 19:44 UTC in reply to "There OS News after all..."
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But ARM based cpu's like tegra 2 offer all the performance we could need on a tablet at much greater energy efficiency; you can never have to much battery life.

I use android, and would love a tablet that runs android on good tegra based hardware in a 10 inch form factor. (the ICD gemini looks good having a more proper screen resolution rather than 1024x600) I can't help but feel that webOS just seems to be perfectly suited for larger tablet style computers. It has a good flow to it and any tablet running webOS with the specs I mentioned has a good chance of getting my money.

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Thinking about it, I guess you're right. The HP tablet won't be a PC per se, but it will be a completely different system than the other Linux distros.
It won't matter if it's run on arm or X86 because it will it own specific applications.

Therefore, my guess is that it will be taking the route of the "iTable".

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all the performance we could need on a tablet

Dangerous words. Everyone should know by now that these words will no longer ring true within months of release of any piece of hardware. As you said about battery life, there are others that believe the same about processing power and capacity (memory, storage space, expansion capabilities, etc.).

The moment there exists a piece of hardware with lofty potential, there is someone out their aiming to maximize (or exceed) that potential.

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Don't get your hopes up about tegra2. nvidia has a very poor record of otheros support, and arm platforms are all about allowing new innovations in operating systems. Faster adoption would occur if the mali, sgx, tegra or specs for whatever ati's part were opened up.

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