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Apple "I didn't plan to pick a fight with Steve Jobs last night. It just sort of happened: An iPad advertisement ticked me off; I sent the Apple CEO an angry email; he told me about 'freedom from porn'. The electronic debate proceeded from there." Says the man who used to use LSD. This man knows how to sell iPads to America: think of the children!
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Think about beyond the hype?
by Fusion on Sun 16th May 2010 20:11 UTC
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I don't think Jobs or Tate are really *listening* to each other in that e-mail exchange.

Both make some valid points, and Apple's decision to 'lock-down' their iPad in the manner they've chosen is pretty consistent to their overall lock-down strategy for everything Apple: CONTROL, CONTROL, CONTROL. You can argue that this approach serves for greater product stability/performance and behavior/consistency, and you'd probably be correct to an extent. You might conversely argue that lock-down inhibits users and developers from full 'freedom' to use the devices they own, and you would also be correct. But again, this is, and has always been true of just about every Apple product in existence.

Jobs, of course, sensationalizes his product as REVOLUTIONARY. We all know that this statement is a load of pork pies---a tablet PC w/ touch interface a la *still* a tablet PC, and those have been around for years! Evolution, yes; revolution, absolutely not. But any good and motivated CEO will get behind his/her products in this manner... they have to; it's good marketing. Just like politicians more often speak propaganda than straight facts---because, unfortunately, people aren't motivated by dry and boring facts. EXTREME words motivate... BRAWNDO: THE THIRST MUTILATOR!!!

I do have two points of contention with Jobs' words, and I'm glad Tate called him out on one of them: "Protecting children" is an argument used in just about every political and marketing campaign TO SCARE PEOPLE into action. Oooooo!! Porn! If you're a good parent, you pay attention to your kid whenever possible and instill the values you hold in them... it's called PARENTING. Some kids may find ways around restrictive manipulation (they ALWAYS do), if they're truly motivated to. Shit happens.

So apparently owning non-apple hardware hurts children, expletive music lyrics hurt children, gay marriage hurts children, universal health care hurts children (what?!). I'm so sick of hearing those marketing/propagandist lines. Ya know what hurts children?! Physical violence, abusive uneducated parents, and disease. So shut up and move on!

The other statement Jobs made that bugged me was: "By the way, what have you done that's so great? Do you create anything, or just criticize their work and belittle their motivation." Arrogance at its best. There is a difference between thinking critically and criticizing. And while Tate may have expressed his perspective a bit 'off-the-cuff,' Jobs was the one belittling Tate with that remark.

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