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Apple "I didn't plan to pick a fight with Steve Jobs last night. It just sort of happened: An iPad advertisement ticked me off; I sent the Apple CEO an angry email; he told me about 'freedom from porn'. The electronic debate proceeded from there." Says the man who used to use LSD. This man knows how to sell iPads to America: think of the children!
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I couldn't give a rat's ass about what any of you think of pornography, personally. I'm not going to engage in what I believe is a fruitless discussion.

And although I'm a parent, I'm not an idiot. Ask me to my face and I'll tell you filters only work as much as those using them want them to. I know firsthand that they can be disabled, and so can anything on an iPad or an iPhone with time, determination, and skill. Or even a bit of dumb luck.

So Jobs has drawn a line. Good. That should matter for parents that buy their kids these devices and don't want them to stumble on stuff incidentally. I'm not stupid; I'm not going to say it replaces honest and hard discussions. I've had a few of them with one of my children early on. Some said she was too young (she's 8 now, and this was a few years ago); I thought the circumstances warranted it. So I'm not ignorant, either.

So those that want porn will move to Android or whatever. Good. But I'm still going to say that if there are those that want it, and those that don't want it, that there should be be options to both. It would seem Jobs has chosen the former. If you can find a way that Apple products can have the latter... eh, good for you. It's already been abundantly proven there's a market for porn. But I'd say the other market is, too. Plenty of multimedia is already censored as a matter of practice, so arguments regarding artistic integrity just bore the hell out of me. Why should you personally care about "Clean" versions being on the market? Makes about as much sense as complaining about the "Unrated" ones, IMHO, and in the U.S., you can get the latter quite easily at the much-maligned box stores, say, *cough*Wal-Mart*cough*

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