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Google Google is set to announce Android 2.2 at the Google I/O event this week and one of the highly anticipated features will provide a big boost for performance and battery life. Originally the Dalvik virtual machine was implemented as an interpreter, but now a JIT compiler will be used. Already benchmarks show a roughly 6x improvement in numeric performance with the new JIT. While this will make Snapdragon-powered phones like the Nexus One seem even more responsive it will have the biggest impact on lower end phones using ARM11-based chipsets. It remains to be seen how many existing models will receive upgrades to 2.2.
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Updates for Android Phones are rare
by jokkel on Mon 17th May 2010 09:45 UTC
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It's very sad that the Android platform is so fragmented. Even today there are new phones being sold with Android 1.5 or 1.6. Most handset makers also don't bother to release updates for older phones.
This is not only bad for users , but also a growing hassle for developers.

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Yes, the makers are probably doing that because they want a slice of the cake now. And because there are some users ready to buy phones with Android 1.5
I hope that once they get a backlash, they'll start putting their game together. The Android market is fresh, and the smartphone market may be boiling like hot water now, but there will come a time soon when the number of items sold per period starts to drop.

We need a change in how manufacturers support older releases (for instance, none of the Acer Aspire 1350 drivers -touchpad, GC, wireless card, etc.- has been updated on Acer's website since 2004; most are still the same version that shipped with the product in September 2003!).

Maybe that if new programs require quite recent features that became available with Android 2.0 for instance (was there a 2.0 ?), it would force the makers to do something more "support-oriented" and less "new-sales-only-oriented"?

By the way, is it possible to update those Android 1.5 phones to the current versions (2.1, 2.2) ?

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Yeah, uhm, there are already apps that require 2.0 (yes there was a 2.0 its what the moto droid shipped with).

2.2 is not officially released yet.

The upgrade depends on the phone. Some manufacturers have provided a simple update. Others have third party roms that provide the upgrade. And still others do not have an upgrade.

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Yep, I agree, apps on the market have to target 1.6 if they want to be available to more than 50% of the phones...

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I agree. It's really hard to get excited about an Android OS announcement when I know I won't get it for 6-8 months after it's released by Google. The Droid is a neat phone, but it's just not quite there yet compared to the iPhone OS.

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Ugh, tell me about it. I can't believe that Google has brought the world of Linux fragmentation to mobile devices.

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