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Amiga & AROS A few weeks ago, Novell and Red Hat jointly fended off a patent infringement suit thrown their way by a patent troll. The patent in question more or less came down to the concept of virtual desktops - and thanks to Groklaw, several people helped in finding cases of prior art. The most interesting one of all? A carefully restored and working Amiga 1000 demonstrated to the judge and jury.
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RE[3]: Dont trust Groklaw FUD
by JLF65 on Mon 17th May 2010 18:03 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Dont trust Groklaw FUD"
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So you mean that he has not been censored at Groklaw? And you mean that IBM do not try to stop him from selling the IBM Mainframe emulator? Have you read his blog, starting from the bottom? No? I suggest you do it. Lest you call him a liar.

Abusive trolls have always been censored, whether they be for or against Groklaw. PJ runs a clean blog, and doesn't allow direct attacks, swearing, or politics. It's one of the refreshing things about it - it's not /. by any means. ;)

As to the emulator, IBM doesn't care about the emulator itself. When a fly-by-night company comes out and tries to sell it to IBM's customers as a way to "shaft IBM", you can expect IBM to be a little more perturbed. Also, said fly-by-night company was making wild and baseless accusations against IBM as the documents prove. A letter for IBM is not the same as being sued or even attacked.

You're a troll, or brainwashed by that guy's blog. Look at the FACTS, not the rhetoric of one guy trying to make a sleazy buck off a FOSS project they aren't even involved in.

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RE[4]: Dont trust Groklaw FUD
by Kebabbert on Tue 18th May 2010 10:07 in reply to "RE[3]: Dont trust Groklaw FUD"
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So I have been brainwashed by this guy who is sued by IBM? You claim that PJ, founder of Groklaw, doesnt allow abusive or foul language on Groklaw? But he used no abusive languange, he has shown what he posted on his blog. It was only his side of the story. But you mean we should only listen to IBMs side of the story, not his side? Do you consider that fair? So what are the facts in this story, could you state them? Maybe you have misinterpreted some "facts"?

I mean, it is obvious that the Mainframe software emulator is a severe threat to IBM's Mainframes. Otherwise IBM would not sued him. You can emulate a Mainframe on an x86 server. One modern x86 cpu is 5-10x faster than a Mainframe CPU. The Mainframe CPUs are dog slow. That is why IBM is afraid of TurboHercules. Because it will reveal how slow the Mainframes actually are.

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