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Fedora Core I've been using Linux for four years, with the majority of that time spent using Red Hat distributions. I liked Fedora Core 1, but I was not impressed by Fedora Core 2 and its annoying bugs. Fedora Core 3 made up for the shortcomings of its predecessor. Now Fedora Core 4 is out, and unfortunately, it's a mixed bag.
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Have seen better
by unoengborg on Thu 14th Jul 2005 14:06 UTC
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I have to agree with the auther, FC4 isn't exactly the best Linux release ever. There are lots and lots of serious problems. As the article states, it is very hard to get sound working correctly even on common hardware.

The same thing goes for graphics. Many graphics cards (e.g various matrox and intel cards) doesn't display text in console mode. On my old matrox G450 you get a black screen with a green border.

LDAP authentication doesn't work, as there is an error in the nss_ldap package that have some problems with extra newlines in passwords. (there is a patch i their bugzilla).

DOS formatted diskettes sometimes doesn't mount automagically when inserted.

Using a beta version of is not a very good idea either, it reduces their credability, even though I must say I havn't had any problems with it.

This is the first Fedora release where I seriously consider to downgrade to the previous version or just change to something else.

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RE: Have seen better
by Rahul on Thu 14th Jul 2005 14:14 in reply to "Have seen better "
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2005-07-06 2.0 Milestone releases have been heavily tested. People dont seem to have any real problems with it. The only complaint seems to be that the splash screen says "beta". Even that was fixed in a later update.

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