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Multimedia, AV Yes, I broke my own rules and used a "breaking" modifier for this story (let me have my fun for once). Here we have it, as the rumour mill suggested, Google has released the On2 VP8 video codec as open source (royalty free, BSD-style), while also launching the WebM container format which combines a VP8 video stream with Vorbis audio. Support for WebM has been enabled on YouTube's HTML5 beta, and you can download patches against ffmpeg as well as DirectShow filters for Windows (Gstreamer plugins are labelled as "coming soon"). Mac users are out of luck for now; no QuickTime plugins have been announced yet. Update: The WebM blog is now open - and the list of partners is pretty decent already. It includes ARM, NVIDIA, AMD, Qualcomm, and many others. Update II: VP8 will be baked into Flash. Update III: The Opera labs version with WebM support has been released too, for Linux, Mac, and Windows.
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RE[5]: All I know is....
by lemur2 on Thu 20th May 2010 09:01 UTC in reply to "RE[4]: All I know is...."
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"" has diasappeared from the "Software" group, and now appears on its own in a new category called "Organistations".

This is probably about's Vorbis audio format (used within WebM) and not Theora at all.

Right, they somehow managed to grab the wrong logo. We didn't notice until the keynote was underway. I have no idea why we got moved from 'Software' to 'Foundations'. It doesn't really matter, I'm certainly not reading anything into it.

Wow ... the legendary Monty of Xiph. Firstly, let me say that Xiph's progress with Theora (Current Improvements in 1.2 Ptalarbvorm) is very impressive.

This new WebM codec brings up some interesting things for Xiph to ponder, does it not?

I have been reading some of Xiph's reaction on Planet Xiph.

and of course the official statement from Xiph posted on your blog:

which is all very encouraging, but it leaves me wondering what will happen with Theora.

Do you happen to know if Mozilla will continue to support Theora as well as WebM in their browser? Opera too? And Google themselves with Chrome?

Do you know anything about the intentions of Wikimedia/wikipedia with respect to Theora, or WebM?

Do you think they will switch to WebM, or stay with Theora (particularly in view of the upcoming Theora 1.2 Ptalarbvorm)?

Do you know anything about the intentions of Dailymotion?

Do you know anything about the intentions of W3C with respect to the HTML5 specification?

Interesting times.

PS: If Xiph are perhaps looking for something new and useful to do, might I suggest an implementation of Theora and of WebM written in either or both of GLSL or g3dvl?

Such a project would bring hardware-accelerated open video rendering to a multitude of desktops/laptops/notebooks/netbooks/tablets/pads blessed with a moderately capable GPU.

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