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Multimedia, AV Monty from Foundation, the people behind Theora and Vorbis, have announced their support for Google's WebM container format. "The Xiph.Org Foundation is pleased to announce its support of the WebM open media project as a project launch partner. As announced earlier today at the Google I/O Developer Conference, the WebM format combines the VP8 video codec, the Matroska container, and the Vorbis audio codec developed by Xiph into a high-quality, open, unencumbered format for video delivery on the Web. Xiph will continue to contribute to WebM as a whole and collaborate in its further development and deployment." Remember, people, without the hard work from the boys and girls at Xiph, Google would not have been able to do this.
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by kaelodest on Thu 20th May 2010 18:36 UTC
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I have wanted a clean and not license-complicated way out of this mess. I know that Back in the day we had to deal with all of these crazy plug-ins and extensions and nonsense just to get basic video displayed on the desktop not even to mention the web. A few years ago most OSs did not ship with the ability to play video.
- - Truth being worth Gold I did not know that the quicktime environment ran like garbage on windows. Remember Realplayer? How about anything that came before it? how many of these are still in use. I really understand the market realities and the need to commodify and monetize the web But did we throw of the shackles of the old school just to go running to flash or silverlight.
- - I was at a conference and I remember the speaker explaining that if it wasn't for the Adult Entertainment industry then the internet would not have grown so swiftly and eCommerce also would have been delayed. This is the reality of the world despite my personal feelings.
- - I would love to live in a world where we all have common sense ideals that some company was not trying to subvert or co-opt or patent it. All I can say is Vote with your Ideals, don't hate - innovate. If you don't like Apple don't use it. If you don't like Microsoft don't send out your résumé in .doc if .rtf will do just as well. Why send out a picture in .psd (photoshop) if jpeg will do?

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