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Google At the Google I/O conference, Google just held its second keynote address, which focussed on Android. The talk was held by Vic Gundotra, and he unveiled a number of new features coming in Android 2.2 "Froyo", as well as some features coming in Froyo+1. The main theme of the entire keynote? Openness and choice, and a whole bucketload of not-so-subtle jabs at Apple. I'd like to apologise upfront for a possible lack of critical notes in this article - I'm still handing out the brownie points to Google for yesterday.
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by Kroc on Thu 20th May 2010 22:32 UTC in reply to "Comment by phoenix"
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It’s absolutely frustrating that the SDK doesn’t come with any emulator templates. I just want to test stuff, I just want to select a handset model and know that it is equivalent to the real hardware, including H.264 limits—which I cannot test! Absolutely maddening.

HTML5 video playback is currently as good as useless in Android and I’ll be damned if I can test as the Emulator bares absolutely no relation to actual hardware. At least the iPhone emulator is simple and largely accurate.

head => desk.

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