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OS/2 and eComStation After god knows how many years, it's finally here: the final release of eComStation 2.0. We first reported on eComStation 2.0 back in December 2005, when the first beta was released, and between then and now, we've seen countless betas and release candidates come and go, but the wait is finally over.
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This news actually brought tears to my eye
by flywheel on Sat 22nd May 2010 17:40 UTC
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This news actually brought tears to my eyes - an ancient urge suddenly rised to the surface - hmmmm about 60€ for an upgrade.

I'm glad that the guys finally has finished the 2.0.

But I have moved on - three years ago I removed eCS on both my desktop-computer, server and laptop and replaced it with openSUSE.

It took a couple of days getting the WiFi working (It took about 15 mins with eCS and worked perfectly) on my Broadcom nick on laptop - well with openSUSE it was only able to connect if the signal was strong - it first became stable with the following version of the OS. Now it also works perfectly, but it took a while.

I still recall a small tool that made the windows on my OS/2 3.0 explode into small pieces, when closed - glorious - actually it brought just as much happyness and productivity to my everyday work as all of the animations, wobbely windows and transparancy of KDE4.

For years I missed the PM/WPS but now has gotten used to KDE4 - and here I stay.

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Me too.

Your switch to openSUSE would have been in 2007....about two years after IBM stopped marketing OS/2 (December 2005). Two years is an eternity with respect to the hardware cycle and it becomes almost impossible to catch-up with respect to available of drivers - notably the display ones required for the eye candies we have now become used to.

With respect to missing PM/WPS, keep an eye on the progress of the Voyager project.....its aim is essentially to graft the PM/WPS personality on a kernel (likely the Linux kernel). This may become quite interesting once actual executable code starts circulating in the community.

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