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Benchmarks Now that Google has opened up VP8, the big question is obviously how it'll hold up to H264. Of course, VP8 already wins by default because it's open source and royalty free, but that doesn't mean we should neglect the quality issue. Jan Ozer from has put up an article comparing the two codecs, and concludes that the differences are negligible - in fact, only in some high-motion videos did H264 win out. As always, this is just one comparison and most certainly anything but conclusive. Update: Another comparison. I can't spot the difference, but then again, I'm no expert.
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... why should Apple have to write anything so that an existing app can keep working?...

Why would Apple require that a large number of developers must rewrite their apps for them to be included in their app store? Why can the same not be required of Apple? I do not understand the indignation.
Apple as a company has managed to segment out a group of customers that are both wealthy and stupid at the same time. The only positive thing that Apple has ever done for the IT industry is to show that such a segment exists and that large sums of money can be sucked from it with very little effort.

Go and spend ten or fifteen years in business for yourself putting your money and your family's very survival on the line then I might have some respect for your views. Until then just report the news because your spin has nothing to back it up.

Poisoning the well, if that is the level of discourse that you can come up with, then I'm sure Apple has some wares that will accommodate you just fine.

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