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Legal Nero AG, a company with one of the most fitting names ever (can you imagine a company called Hitler or Stalin 2000 years from now?), has filed an anti-trust lawsuit against the MPEG-LA. The German technology company claims the licensing body has abused its monopoly power, and that is has not honoured agreements made with the US Department of Justice. There's some juicy stuff in here.
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by korpenkraxar on Mon 24th May 2010 11:14 UTC
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I skimmed through the pdf... Wow! This is a pretty meaty document, full of details and well written. This is going to be interesting. Maybe I should pick up a Nero licence for my Linux box :-)

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RE: Wow
by TheWzzrd on Mon 24th May 2010 11:28 in reply to "Wow"
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Picking up a license for Linux might be a good idea. Picking up any license at all for them might be a good idea, as a matter of fact.

I doubt they have deep enough pockets to go against Apple et al., so they'll need (y)our cash. It's worth it though. I'd love to see the guys and gals from MPEG-LA go flat on their faces.

Thom, can you guys please implement OpenID for this site?

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RE[2]: Wow
by MacMan on Mon 24th May 2010 17:17 in reply to "RE: Wow"
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I doubt they have deep enough pockets to go against Apple et al.,

Hold on!

Apple != MPEG-LA!!!


Microsoft != MPEG-LA

Both of them PAY MPEG-LA royalties because they are afraid of getting sued! It would be in Apple's and Microsoft's best interests if there were no MPEG-LA extorting money from them. Apple chose to support H.264 for basically two reasons, 1: they pay MPEG-LA royalties, so they won't get sued, if they used some other codec, they could potentially get sued by MPEG-LA, basically. And 2: they have a really good decoder for H.264, it would take a lot of time and money to implement decoders as good for other codecs.

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RE[2]: Wow
by marcus0263 on Mon 24th May 2010 20:20 in reply to "RE: Wow"
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I've been buying a Nerolinux license since their first release. Originally motivated by wanting to support company's investing in Linux ports I continually buy it because they've done a great job with the software. While the open source Brasero and K3b work ok Nerolinux is very good. It's not bloated with crap like their Windows port and it's only $20.

I very highly recommend people supporting them not only for the principle but it also being an excellent product.

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