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Hardware, Embedded Systems Ah, NVIDIA's CEO, Jen-Hsun Huang. This guy is usually to the point, and doesn't sugar-coat his words, so interviews with him are generally good stuff to read. This time around, he had Intel and Apple down his sights. The iPad's A4 processor doesn't measure up to his company's Tegra 2, and Intel's Z6 Moorestown is not competitive in any way. At least, that's what he claims.
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it's a software, stupid.
by gehersh on Mon 24th May 2010 23:12 UTC
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and Apple processor is good enough.

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RE: it's a software, stupid.
by darknexus on Tue 25th May 2010 02:36 in reply to "it's a software, stupid. "
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and Apple processor is good enough.

Couldn't agree with you more. For years we've had phone manufacturers (LG, Samsung, RIM, et al) beefing up their specs but reusing the same old and tired software. Who cares if, f.ex, the LG Expo has a 1 ghz processor when it runs the horribly slow and clunky Windows Mobile 6 os? Blackberry, WM, Symbian S60 (which I actually really like personally), and all the J2ME-based phones let their software age and get cluttered. Now, personally, though I really like f.ex Symbian S60, there's no denying that it's complex and chock full of features most people will never need or even want to see (though I personally couldn't do without the built-in phone-integrated SIP client and the true multitasking in a very limited RAM space). This is what Apple gets right. Where most major smartphone makers tried to include everything and the kitchen sink, Apple made it easy to use and simple (though at the cost of features techies like me really love). Fortunately, Apple's approach seems to have given most of the major smartphone companies and phone os makers a boot up the ass. In a way, we should thank Apple for making the iPhone so limited and locked down, because what we've got now are phone oses that are trying to carry forward the simple UI approach of the iPhone but with all the techie features added in.
However, I'm seeing a trend starting in the mobile space. In the end, I'm not sure we should boost our phones processor too much. I don't really want to see the phone market end up like the desktop PC, where all of the major oses are huge compared to what they were a few years back and the mentality is "well, the hardware can handle it." In the mobile space, we really should be cramming everything into the smallest and least-powerful (and therefore most energy-efficient) space we possibly can. I have two phones: an iPhone 3GS and a Nokia N82. I use the N82 most often these days, as even though it's less powerful in specs, it's faster and gets a lot longer battery life than the iPhone 3gs ever does without adding a bulky battery pack. The N82 is two years old and will outperform my iPhone 3gs. Anyone see the start of the PC trend here?

Anyway... sorry, long-winded partial sort of rant. ;)

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This is what Apple gets right. Where most major smartphone makers tried to include everything and the kitchen sink, Apple made it easy to use and simple (though at the cost of features techies like me really love).

This comment is spot on. To me, the iPad has a lot of parallels with the Nintendo Wii. Hardcore gamers are always bashing the Wii because it doesn't have HD graphics, a hard drive, robust online play, etc, and if they do own one, it just collects dust while they play their 360 or PS3. Meanwhile, the Wii is still selling like hotcakes and continues to be enjoyed by millions. And why is that? Oh, it must be because the people who buy Wiis are morons and don't know they're supposed to be playing the latest FPS or space marine shooter of the week, right?

My dad just bought an iPad and really, really likes it. He doesn't give a rat's ass that it doesn't have a USB/HDMI port, a camera, or that you can't multitask on it. I sat down with him for about 15-20 minutes and taught him almost everything there is to know about the device. Now he's off installing and using a couple dozen different apps, and he can do so in the comfort of his recliner. One could say that the iPad is just a scaled-down PC for idiots, but then I suppose people said the same thing (and some people are still saying it) about the graphical user interface.

It just goes to show you that the tech geeks and the hardcore crowd are usually way out of touch with what the 'mainstream' really wants. Me personally, I am holding out for an Android tablet ;)

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RE: it's a software, stupid.
by spiderman on Tue 25th May 2010 14:55 in reply to "it's a software, stupid. "
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It's marketing, stupid. The software has nothing to do with that. Nothing beat a horde of fans selling the device for you at no cost. Apple managed to get that.
People going to forums and news tech site and posting things like that: "If it has no USB, this is a FEATURE, people! It's better without USB guyz, who need USB when you have the sofware? The USB is bloat!"
It does not matter how the product suck or perform when you have such a good marketing team.

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