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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over at Daringfireball this past weekend, John Gruber put words to what many people are thinking about after Google's rush of Android announcements and not-subtle Apple-bashing at this week's I/O conference: "all-out war." I agree with Gruber that a good old-fashioned bitter rivalry could be a great thing for the computing world, and for smartphone/handheld fans in particular.
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RE[3]: Out of touch with the world
by Kroc on Tue 25th May 2010 10:18 UTC in reply to "RE[2]: Out of touch with the world"
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Go to a phone shop in Europe or in Asia and look at the models

I did, and it was depressing. It was like a pack of designers had been let loose to do whatever they wanted in desperation; and when they fail they all get killed and a new set are bought in. No coherence, no direction.

The iPhone is one model at the back of the store

The one model getting all the attention.

The competition are floundering. The iPhone's high price and locked nature is its Achilles heel.

Android is succeeding because it offers essentially the same as the iPhone but with the flexibility European consumers want.

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It's your opinion because in your sphere Pinching is cool. Many other people are perfectly happy with their N900/N97, Samsung Galaxy, Xperia or whatever. Actually only 2.5% of the people choose the iPhone.

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If Nokia would hurry up and ship the N900 to Canada with a reasonable price point, I'd be all kinds of happy. I'm all over wanting that chunk of hardware. That it has a phone radio now is only a bonus and the status symbol only works if people recognize the device. But, for what I want from a mobile device, the N900's remains the clear upgrade path from my N810&phone combo.

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