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PDAs, Cellphones, Wireless Over at Daringfireball this past weekend, John Gruber put words to what many people are thinking about after Google's rush of Android announcements and not-subtle Apple-bashing at this week's I/O conference: "all-out war." I agree with Gruber that a good old-fashioned bitter rivalry could be a great thing for the computing world, and for smartphone/handheld fans in particular.
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RE: Deeply unfair to who?
by BallmerKnowsBest on Tue 25th May 2010 17:31 UTC in reply to "Deeply unfair to who?"
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Apple's vibrant, orderly, and deeply unfair App Store model

Who is the Apple app store deeply unfair to? Its competitors?

Yes, in the sense of being a deliberate barrier to competition (the artificial requirement that iProduct apps be developed only with Apple dev tools, etc). Unfair to developers, who have to jump through arbitrary hoops. And unfair to users... well, except for drooling lower-primates who are incapable of using a computing device without the Apple training wheels.

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