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Microsoft "It's game time for Steven A. Ballmer, Microsoft's chief executive. Microsoft disclosed a series of management changes on Tuesday that will alter the shape of its business unit responsible for products like the Zune music player, Xbox gaming console and phones. Most notably, Robbie Bach, the current head of the entertainment and devices group, will retire from Microsoft after 22 years at the company. As a result, Mr. Ballmer will take a more hands-on role in Microsoft's gadgets and games by having various division heads report directly to him." Maybe we'll finally see an Xbox that doesn't sound like a tornado. I recently finally got the opportunity to fiddle around with a PlayStation 3 (the big one), and by god, the Xbox is a joke, construction-wise, compared to Sony's beast.
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More hands on?
by nathbeadle on Tue 25th May 2010 18:44 UTC
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I thought a shake up was to make things better. How is Ballmer having more "hands on" when it comes to consumer products a good thing? He must think he's Steve Jobs or some other savior for Microsoft... too bad he was the guy that screwed a lot of Microsoft up to begin with!

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RE: More hands on?
by jaklumen on Wed 26th May 2010 05:25 in reply to "More hands on?"
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Agreed. I mean, really, executives being out of touch with the rank and file of their companies is pretty much the newest premise of a reality show in the UK/and the US called "Undercover Boss".

As much as I rather dislike the silly inside out method of most reality shows (average joes pretend they are celebrities, and celebrities pretend they are average joes is the way I describe the stereotypical scenario), I would have a little more enthusiasm for this news if Ballmer was to participate in such a circumstance and pretend to be an entry-level developer or tester. Thing is, though, I also doubt it could ever be done successfully with current I.T. culture.

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